Should Bay Area swimming pools be allowed to reopen with other outdoor activities?

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Beginning Monday, the shelter-in-place order in impact within the Surfing published an article San Francisco Bay Space shall be softened to permit for some low-risk outside leisure actions, corresponding to golfing and mountaineering.

The state launched a complete record of approved outside actions, all of which require strict bodily distancing to forestall the unfold of the coronavirus. Absent from the record is leisure swimming in chlorinated swimming pools, an task the place swimmers usually stay in their very own lanes and don’t have interaction with one every other.

As summer season approaches and the elements will get hotter, would it not be protected to reopen swimming swimming pools within the Bay Space? The CDC’s legitimate COVID-19 web page states, “There is not any proof that the virus that reasons COVID-19 may also be unfold to other folks throughout the water in swimming pools, scorching tubs, spas, or water play spaces. Correct operation and upkeep (together with disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of those amenities must inactivate the virus within the water.”

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“The excellent news is that the common quantity of chlorine that’s in a pool goes to kill the virus,” she mentioned. “I call to mind all of the issues it’s worthwhile to do, swimming is almost certainly more secure than maximum actions.”

On the other hand, the virus can nonetheless be unfold outdoor of the pool, in particular in locker rooms. Dr. Michael Ison, an infectious illness doctor at Northwestern Drugs in Chicago, instructed TODAY in March that shared surfaces in locker rooms generally is a drawback.

“The larger factor is that you must exchange within the shared locker rooms, and persons are continuously touching the mouth, nostril and face after which perhaps touching the lockers,” he mentioned. “In case you do, wash your palms sparsely prior to and after swimming within the pool.”

If swimming pools are reopened within the Bay Space, locker rooms will most likely stay closed and different bodily distancing measures outdoor the pool shall be carried out. However in isolation, the act of swimming laps in a chlorinated pool with other folks seems to be protected sufficient to warrant inclusion at the state’s record.


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Eric Ting is an SFGATE virtual reporter. E-mail: [email protected] | Twitter:@_ericting